Toshin Rao

Primarily self taught, finding the best way to learn is through one's own experience. Paving my own way and looking back at past masters such as Kubrick, Bergman, Ozu, and others. I've always had a fascination with the unknown and the absurd. I pull from influences everywhere. It's after long days and nights when I return home to read the works of great writers (Thorough, Woolf,  Camus, etc.) for them to live again through my own work. Kubrick being my primary model, I tend to keep my topics diverse and my genres obscure. Life is just not one genre, and there are many emotions I've felt that have never have been represented on the Big Screen. It's my job to bring new feelings to life. 

Most of the videos showcased here are from my youth which were produced on virtually no budget. I was a one-man band for most of them. My later and current work is a better representation of what I'm working towards.